Monday, August 2, 2010

me and my kids

i was just wondering what will happen if i had kids. i’ll just go mad thinking abt changing their nappies only, just like i get worried about mine. i might go up to them every hour and see if it’s wet. and then plan in my mind if i change it after cooking lunch or after fud. man.....i can’t do this. 

i think i’ll become an expert by the time i have my fifth kid. or maybe my first kid will take care of my fifth kid, and she’ll be much better than me at that. and then i’ll feel angry and depressed because i had thought i’ll change his nappy after i finish cooking lunch, but then i got caught up watching friends on tv and then i didnt finish cooking and by the time i was done and ready to change the nappy, my elder daughter had already done that but i was supposed to do that. Phew!

I get angry and go and watch friends again. and go to sleep. i get up at 6. it’s getting dark. u r not supposed to sleep at this time of the day. i get angry again!

my kids have already had tea, and ther’s nothing left for me in the flask. 

this time i’m depressed. i want to go home!

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