Sunday, November 1, 2009

Frustration is short-lived, so is excitement.

Farmville keeps me alive. So much so that it has started looking like work to me. Not harvesting a crop is a crime.

Well, if I was actually farming, I would have at least got some exercise. But then all these winds and rains would have worried me. And the news that they are opening the shutters of Malampuzha dam would have excited me. We are visiting the dam anyways. It will be fun to see the waves lashing at the dam walls and spilling over. I guess the 2012 flood is on its way.

But for the past few days, I have got this strong feeling that we won't drown to the end of the world. We'll rot. The world will rot to its own death. Everything seems to rot faster these days. Food, people, their bodies, their minds. The only thing that doesn't rot is waste. Plastic just refuses to rot.