Friday, April 3, 2009

My Maya-Aztec Astrology Report

This is what my Maya-Aztec Astrology report says:

You are probably highly regarded by others for one accomplishment or
another. You may be way ahead of your competitors, or you have made your mark in the field you work in. You are probably also popular with others and you have earned a well-deserved fame and recognition from your peers. Even your enemies respect your successful ways.

Behind the all-around competency described above is your integrity and personal
confidence. You will "stick to your guns" when under fire, keep a "stiff upper lip" when in trouble and, like the reed, remain firm when pressed. There is a militant side to you, and although you don't deliberately seek conflict, you seem to thrive in it. You can be politely aggressive, or a crusader for a cause -- but to you life is something to be won through strength and conviction.

You are quite ambitious -- but usually also very clear about your goals and intentions. You have principles that govern your
behaviour, and these are often of a moral or ethical nature. You may be attracted to religious or philosophical studies, or possibly concerned with justice. If you did not receive a good education, then you may have some problems in being opinionated and judgmental.

You work very hard, and you are far-sighted. You know the value of consistency and are capable of disciplining yourself to
accomplish a task, even though it may take some time. Your inner confidence lets you do things that others would shy away from and your openness to new ideas keeps you in the forefront of your field. Your most important attribute is that you want to learn.

Teaching, politics, and the social sciences seem to appeal to you. These subjects aid you in communicating and
understanding others. Closely related to your love of knowledge is your love of open spaces and travel. You can't stand restraint -- you must be free to do as you choose.

One of your worst problems is that you tend to go to extremes. This may be compensated by your accomplishments in the
world, but may also be a real problem. You are not a moderate person. You are a high-powered achiever who can burn yourself and your friends out if you let things get too carried away.

Beneath your surface personality you struggle with powerful inner conflicts. This internal wrestling can lead to your taking some rather committed positions on some issues.

When you get going, you play hardball, and others may think you a bit fanatical at times, or somewhat extremist.
But you know what you have to do in life -- even though you may not be able to express it logically. You are ultimately driven by your emotions to attain positions of respect and power.

"But you know what you have to do in life -- even though you may not be able to express it logically." These words struck me. I think that's the only thing that's somewhat true.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An old poem I found

This is a poem which I found in one of my architecture notebooks. I don’t remember when and what inspired me to write this. But I was quite surprised to see this after such a long time, and couldn’t believe that I could have ever written this.

[There are no corrections. Everything has been directly transplanted from the notebook, including the punctuation.]

Strolling in the woods
I was thinking of her.
She was my love

She was my life

But I never know
Why she left me lone.
I spent my days
From dawn to dusk
Remembering & adoring her.

One whom I loved and cared.

But there came the shock of my life

When she asked me


Who am I?

Born in the marshy moors

Brought up by the sons of the sea
Growing up was a burden for me
But she was the one

Who changed my life

Who was I?
I was her love.

Who am I

I know not.

Who am I

Tell me God

Who am I?