Saturday, May 1, 2010

Legitimacy my foot.

07 November 2009

Louis XV of France was a womaniser. He had one lawful wife, 11 lawful children and 90 illegitimate children. How can a child be illegitimate? If he is born into the world, then it was God's will and it is totally legitimate.

Legitimacy - a concept found by men to fortify their authority. Cowards...when they weren't given the power to bear children, they volunteer to take the power on to them of producing them. Conveniently, they take/not take the responsibility. He is my kid. Is this kid really mine? How do I know this kid is mine?

An illegitimate child - a child born out of wedlock. who is not considered lawful. one who doesn't know who his father is? Isn't it more than enough to know who his mother is? Wasn't she equally responsible?

Legitimacy my foot.