Saturday, May 30, 2009

upcoming hypocrite

It’s funny. We try to connect with the world and yet stay disconnected with the people just beside you. I don’t sleep at night beside my mom anymore because I want to be on the internet and it’s faster at night. I can’t understand who am I trying to connect with. You don’t belong anywhere.

You turn away from the people you see everyday who need help. Yet you go around the world looking for a topic for your next documentary film on human rights. No, I’m not blaming anyone. This is happening to me, right here. You empathize with the people through your films, but forget about it once you are off the camera.

I talk and sermonize about global warming, and pretend to be an anti-AC person. Yet I run into my AC room whenever I need to sit down and write, because the heat is unbearable.

I have always rebuked and reprimanded hypocrisy and hypocrites, but am I myself ending up as one?

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  1. Watch this film:

    by Hashim Basheer aka HashbasH, my batch mate from IDC.

    And do reply...